Scheduling Specialist Kaitlyn Evans received the 3rd annual DMPS Distinguished Lean Practitioner award at a meeting of the district’s administrative cabinet on Thursday.

The award recognizes achievements in streamlined processes, reduced costs and/or increased customer satisfaction. Evans work helped to develop a new high school schedule that increased students’ time in class while saving resources.

“Kaitlyn has exponentially increased efficiencies and equities in the high school scheduling process and outcomes,” said Superintendent Tom Ahart in nominating Evans for the award. “As a result of Kaitlyn’s problem-solving, high schools moved to a seven-period modified block schedule. This new schedule increased the number of instructional minutes and will positively impact student academic, social and emotional learning by increasing the frequency with which students interact with their teachers and peers.”

Nominations were submitted by DMPS cabinet members and evaluated by the Lean Steering Committee, headed by Continuous Improvement Coordinator Emma Knapp, according to a rubric with four components: measurable outcomes, increased efficiencies, increased customer service, and engagement level in improvement efforts.

Congratulations, Kaitlyn, on the well-deserved recognition of your efforts to make maximum use of every minute and every dollar, to the benefit of every student.

To learn more about the district’s ongoing efforts to do more with less, click here.

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