Rob Stewart Earns DMPS Distinguished Lean Practitioner Award

Rob Stewart received the 2nd annual DMPS Distinguished Lean Practitioner award at a meeting of the district’s administrative cabinet on Thursday.

The award recognizes achievements in streamlined processes, reduced costs and/or increased customer satisfaction.

Nominations were made by members of the DMPS Cabinet and evaluated by the Lean Steering Committee, headed by Continuous Improvement Coordinator Emma Knapp, according to a rubric with four components: measurable outcomes, increased efficiencies, increased customer service, and engagement level in improvement efforts.

Stewart is a Crafts Specialist in the Facilities Department who devised a warehouse improvement plan that included better organization of space, enhanced inventory control and reduced time spent on preparation for work assignments within the department, resulting in an increased output of completed job tickets. He has also engaged the various trade groups within the school district’s Facilities Department to gather input and help implement the improvements.

Last year, Judi Martens in the district’s business and finance office won the first award. To learn more about the district’s ongoing efforts to do more with less, click here.

Congratulations, Rob, on your expertise in efficiency. Keep up the good work!

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