Fine Arts and New Students Connect at Roosevelt High School

Roosevelt High Schools is celebrating Fine Arts Weeks while holding its annual Rider Roundup to give 8th graders a look at life in high school.

It’s Fine Arts Week at Roosevelt. Toss in the annual Roughrider Roundup for next year’s freshman class and what you end up with is a high school that’s also part motivational seminar, part trade show and part conservatory.

On Tuesday evening the 8th graders and their families came in droves. Roosevelt was ready for them. All of the sundry extra-curricular niches, from the debate team to the bike riders club, lined the main floor corridors making their pitches and taking names for future reference.

The library was set up as a gallery displaying student artworks with a jazz combo providing a soundtrack.

Choirs sang in the cafeteria.

Upstairs a lineup of ensembles that qualified for the state speech contest this weekend polished their performances during a showcase in the drama room.

The historic, grand auditorium was the site for welcoming messages from Principal Kathie Danielson and student body President Grant Suttie followed by a human collage that vividly demonstrated the diversity of interests that can be explored in high school.

Ticket vouchers were handed out to the prospective frosh as they filed out as a ploy to pack the student section for the basketball games vs. Lincoln that followed in the gym. Roosevelt won them both, girls and boys. Do you chalk that up to beginners’ luck or the fine art of gamesmanship?

“How you gonna keep ‘em down on the farm after they’ve seen…” high school?! The last semester of middle school can seem mighty long for the eighth-and-a-half graders, even with the bonus of an occasional snow day.

Photos from Roosevelt’s Fine Arts Week

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