Brody Says So Long to Mobile Classrooms

The recently completed classroom addition at Brody Middle School.

A $1.6 million renovation at Brody Middle School means less of one thing: mobile classrooms.

The recently completed construction at the south-side school includes a four-classroom addition at the building’s west end, putting an end to the need for the mobile units that dotted the school property.

The new addition replaces these mobile classrooms at Brody.

Not only is the new addition more attractive for the school, it brings several practical improvements.

One is a safer as well as more comfortable environment for students, as they no longer have to leave the main school building to attend certain classes.

A second advantage is energy cost savings; mobile classrooms are very inefficient, especially compared to a newly constructed facility.

Des Moines Public Schools has greatly reduced the use of mobile classrooms throughout the district in recent years.

In addition to the new classroom wing at Brody, the completed work now makes the school ADA-compliant.

A look inside one of the new classrooms at Brody Middle School.

Renovations to the restrooms and auditorium, as well as the addition of an elevator, make Brody accessible to all students, staff and visitors.

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