Central Academy Mathematics Team Conquers State Competition

Central Academy’s mathematics team members were crowned champions of Iowa State University’s high school math contest for the fifth year in a row on Saturday, February 9. Thirty-nine Central Academy students from Des Moines high schools and middle schools competed in two individual and two team events each during the 4-hour competition.

Taking first place in the 25-question multiple choice Sprint event were:

  • Granger Carty (Roosevelt)
  • Eric Chen (WDM Valley)
  • Harry Crane  (Roosevelt)

Taking second place in the Sprint event were:

  • Ankita Chatterjee, 2nd place middle school (Callanan)
  • Ryan Utke (Hoover)

The Target question features individuals answering pairs of questions in ten-minute blocks. Winners were:

  • Granger Carty, 1st place and overall winner (Roosevelt)
  • Eric Chen, 1st place and second place overall (WDM Valley)
  • Ankita Chatterjee and Gabriel Mintzer, 1st place middle school  (Callanan and WDM Stillwell)
  • Edel Aron, 2nd place (Roosevelt)
  • Luke Sheeley, 2nd place (Roosevelt)
  • Ryan Utke, 3rd place (Hoover)

In addition, the team of Granger Carty, Eric Chen, Danny Deeter, Luke Sheeley, Ryan Utke and Noah Werling won the Team event.

Two Central Academy teams tied for first-place in the three person relay event. They were the team of Edel Aron, Harry Crane, and Kristina Smith; and the team of Danny Deeter, Luke Sheeley, and Ryan Utke.

Central Academy mathematics team members are:

  • Eighth Grade: Ankita Chatterjee (Callanan); Shivani Kumaresan (Callanan), Gabe Mintzer (WDM Stillwell), Chloe Moorhead (Cowles), Matthew Voss (Merrill).
  • Ninth Grade: Akanksha Chilikuri (Roosevelt), Katie Crisman (Roosevelt), AJ Fleming (Roosevelt), Helena Gruensteidl (Roosevelt), Zach Lin (Roosevelt), Payton McBurney (East), Clair Peterson (Roosevelt), Finn Pilcher (Roosevelt), Nathan Rider (Hoover), Andrew Shumway (Roosevelt), Zoe Swinton (Roosevelt), Jack Wahlig (Roosevelt).
  • Tenth Grade: Harry Crane (Roosevelt), Cora Egherman (Roosevelt), Brittany Gronewold (East), Evan Haugh (Roosevelt), Vaughn Hommerding (Roosevelt), Brian James (Roosevelt), Mimi Le (North), Theresa Manivanh (Roosevelt), Rachel Schneider (Roosevelt), Kristina Smith (East), Andrew Thai (Roosevelt), Edel Aron (Roosevelt).
  • Eleventh Grade: Granger Carty (Roosevelt), Tarquin Cox (Roosevelt), Ryan Utke (Hoover), Noah Werling (Roosevelt).
  • Twelfth Grade: Eric Chen (WDM Valley), Danny Deeter (Hoover), Ashley DeHaan (East), Mark Gee (Johnston), Alex Lopez (North), Luke Sheeley (Roosevelt).