Bell Times Change at 19 Elementary Schools

With DMPS, health, safety and security are paramount in our 60+ schools.  We have a staff numbering in the thousands and each person plays vital role in contributing to the education of our 32,000 students.

School start times will change at 19 DMPS elementary schools this fall. The adjustment will improve student safety and save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

School day start and end times will change for 19 elementary schools this fall.  The move will improve student safety and save the district hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The elementary schools adjusting times are:

  • Brubaker Elementary
  • Cattell Elementary
  • Findley Elementary
  • Garton Elementary
  • Hillis Elementary
  • Jackson Elementary
  • Lovejoy Elementary
  • Madison Elementary
  • Monroe Elementary
  • Moulton Elementary
  • Morris Elementary
  • Perkins Elementary
  • Pleasant Hill Elementary
  • River Woods Elementary
  • Samuelson Elementary
  • Studebaker Elementary
  • Windsor Elementary
  • Woodlawn Education Center
  • Wright Elementary

Student schedules at those schools will change by 10 minutes.  Instead of starting school at 8:35, students will start at 8:45 a.m.  Instead of ending school at 3:20, students will end their day at 3:30 p.m.  On Wednesdays, early out will occur at 2:00 p.m.

DMPS Route Manager Specialist Sherry Bickett said it’s something the district has been looking at for years.

“As the student population has grown, we’ve been stretching to make it between schools and drop-off points and maintain our schedule,” Bickett said.  “The time change will allow us to be parked and ready when students get out of class, instead of pulling up when they’re already outside.  It’s safer for everyone involved.”

The adjusted times will also save Des Moines Public Schools $125,000 each year by taking seven buses off the route.  The change will not result in any layoffs.  In fact, DMPS is in the middle of hiring bus drivers to replace those who have retired or moved on.

The time change takes effect this fall when school starts for the 2014-2015 school year.

To apply for a bus driver position, visit Jobs@DMPS.

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