NOTE: This web page contains information about a change to school hours implemented at DMPS in August 2018. Click here for the current school hours at DMPS.

Better Support for All Students

The number one job at Des Moines Public Schools is the education of more than 33,000 students. It is what every teacher and every employee – both directly and indirectly – make as their top priority each day. And we are always looking at ways to do even more to support our students.

That is why, beginning in August 2018, DMPS will implement new bell times – or school hours – throughout the district. The new hours are as follows:


MIDDLE SCHOOLS (including Cowles and Ruby Van Meter): 8:30 AM to 3:25 PM

HIGH SCHOOLS: 8:25 AM to 3:25 PM

Every Wednesday school is dismissed 75 minutes earlier than the times noted above.

The new hours essentially flip the current hours, so elementary students begin the day a little earlier while middle and high school students would start a little later.

This change is being made to better meet the needs of our students. Much research points to how this helps students as it better matches up with the sleep patterns of children at different ages, along with many other factors that will contribute to the success of students.

Des Moines Public Schools realizes that this is a change that will affect nearly everyone in the school district, from students and their families to our teachers and staff, and appreciates the support to do the right thing for education.

For more information relating to the new school hours, including a letter from Superintendent Ahart, please visit the links to the right.