Vector Solutions Training (formerly SafeSchools)

Vector Solutions Training

Vector Solutions Training  is available to provide online training for our employees on a wide variety of topics. These topics are designed specifically for each employee group and are meant to enhance everyone’s safety while working, visiting, or learning in our environment.  Vector Solutions Training is a nationally recognized online training system which has been proven to reduce workplace injuries, increase awareness, and to greatly reduce the negative effects of bullying, harassment, and discrimination.  Because the courses are offered online, Vector Solutions Training, allows each employee to access the training modules at times which are most convenient for their schedule and approved by their supervisor.

We are confident you will find these courses to be informative and helpful in our efforts to enhance and maintain a safe working and learning environment.

How to navigate to Vector Solutions Training (formerly SafeSchools):

@DMPS Resource Center / Staff Links button / Software /Systems column Vector Solutions Training 


DMPS Website /  STAFF/  Vector Solutions Training (formerly SafeSchools)


The software is set up as a single sign-on (an authentication method that enables users to securely authenticate with multiple applications and websites by using just one set of credentials.) So if you are on the District network just click the Vector Solutions Training link and it should automatically log you in into your Vector Solutions Training home page. If you are not on the network when you click the link you will be prompted to enter your District username and password and then take you to the Vector Solutions Training page.

Questions or problems please email

Vector Solutions Support Team can be reached here.