Shorter Quarantine Possible

On December 2, 2020, the CDC released two options to shorten the time that someone exposed to COVID-19 should stay home and separate from others during the 14 day quarantine period.

  • 7 day option, requires proof of a negative COVID-19 test on day 5 or after
  • 10 day option, can end after day 10 without testing and NO signs and symptoms of COVID-19
Quarantine is intended to reduce the risk that infected persons might unknowingly transmit infection to others. It also ensures that persons who become symptomatic (present with symptoms) or are otherwise diagnosed during quarantine can be rapidly brought to care and evaluated.
However, a 14-day quarantine can impose personal burdens that may affect physical and mental health as well as cause economic hardship that may reduce compliance.   Due to these possible hardships, the CDC has a shortened quarantine alternative that can be implemented on a case by case basis.
To ensure we are keeping our staff and students as safe as possible, DMPS STRONGLY PREFERS  a 10- or 14-day quarantine, as this method lowers the risk of spread, while saving community testing resources for those who are sick. Each student or staff member who is placed in quarantine will be contacted by their school nurse to follow-up on the best option for their situation.
The following criteria must be met to move to a 7 or 10 day shortened quarantine:
    • There are no symptoms of COVID-19
    • Daily and continual monitoring of symptoms occurs.
    • Mitigation strategies must be strictly adhered to, including not relying on any medications (Tylenol/Acetaminophen or Advil/Ibuprofen) that might mask symptoms of COVID-19.  A face covering must be worn.
    • If symptoms develop, stay home and immediately self-isolate. Contact the school nurse and health care provider for further guidance.

Click here to see the quarantine guidelines illustrated by the Polk County Health Department.