Public Records Request Log

This section of the Des Moines Public Schools' website provides information on the public records process, from how to go about making a public records request to seeing requests being made to the school district. The log below provides a summary of public records requests made to DMPS that are either pending or completed.

Date of Request Requestor Summary
11/20/2015 Nina Rasmussen All Staff Emails
10/15/2015 Steven Locher Roosevelt Enrollment
9/18/2015 S L Simmons Student Records
8/11/2015 Chad Brubaker Lawsuit Settlement
8/11/2015 Clark Kauffman Lawsuit Settlement
5/18/2015 Mackenzie Ryan Substitute Shortages/Employee Absences
5/6/2015 Thatcher Williams Substitute Teacher Services
2/17/2015 Alissa Mack Pacific Education Group
2/12/2015 Cecil Brewton Grades 3-5 Research
10/22/2014 James Kramer East High records
10/14/2014 Renee Boyd Fuel Purchase Information
8/27/2014 Brant Kahler 403(b) Participation
8/18/2014 Alissa Mack Travel Expenses
7/3/2014 Ben Jacobson Salary Information
5/21/2014 Tom Fisher Information on Advanced Placement
5/6/2014 Carolyn Chen Teacher Hires
4/21/2014 Analisa Pearson Walnut Street School
4/14/2014 Tom Fisher Information on Advanced Placement/Central Academy
9/26/2013 Steven Achelpohl Information About DMPS Facility Projects
8/27/2013 Mary Stegmeir Attendance Data