District Calendar

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Calendars for Download
2014-2015 Regular School Calendar
2014-2015 Regular School Calendar (Spanish)
2015-2016 Regular School Calendar

The following schools follow a different year-round calendar:
2014-2015 Continuous Learning Calendar
2014-2015 Downtown School Calendar
2014-2015 Edmunds Extended Calendar

2014-2015 School Year


4 Holiday – No school, offices closed
8 School Board Meeting
Continuous Calendar Schools – First day of school


School Board Meeting
First-year teachers report
13 Downtown School/Edmunds – First day of school
13-14 New to district teacher training
15-19 All teachers and associates report
19 School Board Meeting
20 First day of school – adjusted early dismissal


Holiday – No school, offices closed
2 School Board Meeting
16 School Board Meeting
22-30 Continuous Learning Schools – No school


1-10 Continuous Learning Schools – No school
School Board Meeting
9-17 Downtown – No school
10-17 Edmunds – No school
School Board Meeting
22 No school for 11th graders
All Schools – Teacher EQ development – No school


School Board Meeting
School Board Meeting
All schools – No school for teacher, associates or students
27-28 Holiday – No school, offices closed


School Board Meeting
22-Jan 2 Winter recess – No classes
24-25 Holiday – No classes, offices closed
31 Holiday – No classes, offices closed


1 Holiday – No classes, offices closed
6 School Board meeting
16 First day of second semester
19 MLK Day – No school for associates, teachers, students
20 School Board Meeting


3 School Board Meeting
6 Downtown/Edmunds – No school
9-13 Downtown/Edmunds – No school
17 School Board Meeting


6 Continuous Calendar – No school
9-20 Continuous Calendar – No school
School Board Meeting
13 All schools except Continuous Calendar School - No school
All schools expect Continuous Calendar School - Spring Recess – No classes


7 School Board Meeting
20 Downtown/Edmunds – No school
20-24 Continuous Calendar School – No school
21 School Board Meeting
28 No school for 9th, 10th and 12th grade students. 11th graders attend a.m. for ACT testing


School Board Meeting
Senior Finals Week
18-22 Downtown/Edmunds – No school
19 School Board Meeting
22 Last day of school for 12th Grade
25 Memorial Day – No school
29 Last day of school - Elementary and Middle Schools – Regular School Calendar


1 Last day of school – High Schools
1 Last day of school – Continuous Learning Calendar (Capitol View, Moulton, River Woods)
2 School Board Meeting
12 Downtown – No school
School Board Meeting
18 Last day of school – Edmunds Elementary School
22 Last day of school – Downtown School

Emergency Schedule Change

When there is an emergency school closing or early dismissal, information is made available through several media outlets:

For emergency weather procedures, click here.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Adjusted Dismissal Every Wednesday

The school board approved adjusted dismissals for the 2013-2014 school year. All schools will have an adjusted dismissal schedule on Wednesdays ONLY:

  • All Middle Schools – school day ends at 1:00 p.m.
  • All High Schools – school day ends at 1:05 p.m.
  • Elementary Schools – please check with your school for dismissal times.