What does “virtual learning” mean?

For the purpose of this plan, “virtual learning” means instruction in which the student and instructor are in different locations all of the time. Methods could include online instruction, printed instructional materials, phone calls, emails, text reminders, video conferencing and/or other means of communication. If enrolled in virtual school, your student will engage in all of their learning in this manner, with coursework overseen and provided by certified DMPS staff.

Will virtual learning include live instruction?

Yes. While virtual learning will be largely self-paced, there will be scheduled times as well as additional opportunities for students to connect with teachers in one on one and group settings to get additional support around the content areas.

Who will teach my student's classes?

Your student will receive virtual instruction from the teacher(s) they have been assigned to from their school of enrollment.

How often will my student meet with a teacher?

Students in grades K-8 will have a daily schedule of participation in virtual classes through Microsoft Teams and Canvas Courses. This will include daily live remote instruction in Literacy and Math for all K-8 students and daily live remote instruction in Science and Social Studies for 6th-8th grade students. Elementary students will receive science and social studies throughout the week.

High School students will receive a daily schedule for attending their four courses per term (half semester). These courses are scheduled daily in 90 minute blocks, to be made up of 45 minutes of working with others (either groups or the teacher) and 45 minutes of work on their own. All course instruction will be recorded and available to students who are unavailable during the live virtual lesson.

How will attendance be tracked?

Attendance will be tracked by teachers; evidence of attendance will include students being present for scheduled live instruction (or viewing recorded live instruction, as permitted), participation in assigned Canvas work, submitting work, and additional meetings with the teacher. Attendance will be tracked daily.


Will my student receive a district computer/device?

Yes, students will be issued devices by the student’s school. Schools will be contacting families regarding computer pick up.

If I have a kindergarten aged child and would prefer a laptop rather than a tablet for them, is that an option?

No, we can only support one device type per grade level.

Will my student be using their own device?

No. The district is providing devices to ALL students in order to ensure that the district can provide technical support.


Will meals for students be available?

We are excited to continue to offer healthy breakfasts and lunches to students who have chosen to receive their education on an all-virtual platform this semester. All DMPS students are eligible to receive a healthy breakfast and lunch at no charge, regardless of income, for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year. In-person students will receive their meals at school. Click here for more information.

What types of meals will be available?

There will be a single menu district-wide. The Food & Nutrition Department is focusing on student favorites and meals that are easy to reheat. Families will receive a copy of reheating instructions; no raw meat products will be distributed.

Will my student need to come with me to pick up meals?

No, the student does not need to be present to pick up meals.

What if my student has special dietary needs?

Meals that meet the needs of students with special dietary needs can be ordered ahead of time through the Food & Nutrition Department. You can email

How much food will come in a meal?

Each meal distributed will contain the components of a lunch and breakfast. More information is available on the Food and Nutrition guidelines page.


Will MetroKids be available?

Metro Kids will be offering programming Monday-Friday afterschool and on non-school weekdays at many sites.

Please note: our program will be following all DHS and CDC guidelines to ensure a safe environment. This includes limited capacity with small groups of 10-15 and temperature and health checks will be conducted prior to children entering the program.

How do I register for MetroKids?

Existing MetroKids families can register through their SchoolCareWorks Parent Portal and families new to MetroKids can email to set up an account.


What is the plan for preschool?

During fully virtual learning, students will have access to a variety of daily video lessons, as well as live group and individual remote instructions. The teacher will provide daily instruction in literacy, math, and social emotional learning. Teachers will also weekly provide parents and caregivers with ideas for extension activities, physical activity, and play.

How long will preschoolers be expected to be in front of a screen?

Students expected screen time for virtual learning will be approximately 45 minutes to one hour per day.

What are community partner sites doing?

Each partner site is creating their own plan with guidance and support from DMPS. Please contact your student’s enrollment site for more information.

Sports and Activities

Will DMPS students who are involved in virtual learning be able to compete in sports? What about performing arts or other clubs and organizations?

Yes, however please note the following changes:

  • DMPS is following CIML COVID-19 guidelines for high school sports.
  • DMPS will offer marching band as a voluntary activity at all 5 comprehensive high schools. This will be an optional activity for current band students and will not effect their course grade. Students should click this link for more information and to indicate their interest by Wednesday, July 29. Students will receive more information directly from their band director.
  • DMPS will offer music and theatre activities outside of the school day. These activities will be voluntary and have no effect on the students course grade. Teachers will communicate the options and participation parameters with them once school begins.
  • DMPS will NOT offer show choir during the school day or as an after school activity at any of our buildings during the 20-21 school year. It has been determined that we would be unable to maintain safety measures to meet the expectations of this activity.
  • DMPS plans to continue other after school programs and clubs. Whether those will be held in-person or online will be determined and announced at a later date.
  • As with sports, music and theatre activities as well as after school programs and clubs may be suspended or canceled due to COVID-19 cases in the programs.

Please be aware that all student activities are subject to change as may be required in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.