The following courses are available at Virtual Campus during the 2018-19 school year:

Course #

Course Name

Credit Amount

Credit Type

LA103 English I, S1 0.5 English
LA104 English I, S2 0.5 English
LA205 English II, S1 0.5 English
LA206 English II, S2 0.5 English
LA305 English III, S1 0.5 English
LA306 English III, S2 0.5 English
LA403 English IV, S1 0.5 English
LA404 English IV, S2 0.5 English
LA303 Creative Writing I 0.5 English
LA411 Creative Writing II 0.5 English
LA141 Modern Expression 0.5 Elective
LA419 Women in Lit 0.5 English
LA416 Sports Lit 0.5 English
LA420 Expository Writing 0.5 English
LA415 Contemporary Lit 0.5 English
LA417 Multi-Cultural Lit 0.5 English
SOC201 US History S1 0.5 Social Studies
SOC202 US History S2 0.5 Social Studies
SOC111 20th Century World S1 0.5 Social Studies
SOC112 20th Century World S2 0.5 Social Studies
SOC403 Economics 0.5 Social Studies
SOC405 Government 0.5 Social Studies
MTH111 Algebra I, S1 0.5 Math
MTH112 Algebra I, S2 0.5 Math
MTH311 Algebra II, S1 0.5 Math
MTH312 Algebra II, S2 0.5 Math
MTH211 Geometry , S1 0.5 Math
MTH212 Geometry, S2 0.5 Math
MTH323 Financial Math 0.5 Math
MTH413 Intro to Trig 0.5 Math
MTH321 Intro to Stats 0.5 Math
BUS111 Computer Apps I 0.5 Fine Applied Art
FCS201 Health Relationships 0.5 Fine Applied Art
ART221 Photography S1 0.5 Fine Applied Art
ART222 Photography S2 0.5 Fine Applied Art
MUS153 Music Theory, S1 0.5 Fine Applied Art
SCI201 Environmental Sci, S1 0.5 Science
SCI202 Environmental Sci, S2 0.5 Science
SOC205 Conceptual Physics, S1 0.5 Science
SCI206 Conceptual Physics, S2 0.5 Science
SCI207   Earth Science, S1 0.5 Science
SCI208 Earth Science, S2 0.5 Science
PHY227 Psych of Health & Fitness 0.5 Physical Education
PHY115 Fitness Walking 0.5 Physical Education
PHY131 Innovative Fitness 0.5 Physical Education
ART105 Intro to Art History, S1 0.5 Elective
ART106 Intro to Art History, S2 0.5 Elective
ART141 Graphic Design, S1 0.5 Fine Applied Art
ART142 Graphic Design, S2 0.5 Fine Applied Art
CTE101 Future Ready 0.5 Fine Applied Art
CTE301 Future Set 0.5 Fine Applied Art
MTH317 Problem Solving Strategies s1 0.5 Math
MTH318 Problem Solving Strategies s2 0.5 Math