To prepare for Return to Learn in the Fall of 2020, the Technology Department will prioritize:

  • Ensuring that all students and staff have access to a working device (Laptop/Tablet Hybrid).
  • Collaborating with various departments, community partners, businesses, and others as needed in problem-solving efforts to ensure all students and staff have reliable internet access to complete their work.
  • Supporting DMPS students and their families, and our staff as they utilize our core digital learning tools and existing system applications.
  • Modifying/enhancing existing tools and applications to meet the needs of remote and hybrid environments.
  • Optimizing efficiencies and minimizing changes that will impact our existing tools and applications to provide stability across our system for all end users.
  • Introducing new tools and applications in a way that continues to offer flexibility, but also moves toward a model of standardization to provide more robust support for an overall portfolio of systems that are secure, stable, and effective.