Dollars Generated

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Funding for public education in Iowa has seen little or no real increase over the past decade. At Des Moines Public Schools and other districts across the state, that has meant budget cuts. Raising the PPEL, while reducing other levies, will generate an additional $6.5 million each year with no change in property taxes. Those new funds will ensure that a shrinking amount of general fund dollars do not have to be used for items that can be paid for through PPEL, lessening the impact of budget cuts on schools and students.

At the same time, by reducing the cash reserve and management levy, the school district is able to better meet student needs without raising taxes on Des Moines homeowners.

Finally, the majority of dollars spent on PPEL goes back into our community not only through the projects that maintain our facilities but also the workers who perform the work.

An increase in PPEL is critical for the school district’s budget, revenue neutral for Des Moines homeowners, and supportive of the Des Moines community.