Under the current version of PPEL, about $8 million is generated each year for a range of building improvements, security enhancements, and efficiency upgrades. Some key examples include:

  • Every school building has some amount of brickwork and masonry. One million dollars in PPEL funds is budgeted each year for repairs and maintenance.
  • DMPS maintains more than 65 acres of school roofs. Last year, $700,000 in PPEL funds went towards roof repair and replacement.
  • From parking lots to bus stops, every school has pavement on its property. The latest budget included $450,000.
  • School buildings at DMPS total more than 6 million square feet, meaning many different types of flooring. More than $500,000 in PPEL funds is used to to polishing, repair or replace floors and carpets throughout the district.
  • Safety is always a top priority, and PPEL funds have contributed in many ways. One example is security cameras to monitor our buildings. Today, more than 1,000 security cameras are installed throughout DMPS.
  • DMPS is recognized as a national leader in energy efficiency, and PPEL funds have helped make that possible. One way has been converting all light fixtures throughout the district to LED lighting, which contributed to $175,000 in energy cost savings last year. These savings mean more money directed towards educational needs, including teachers.

An increase in PPEL will make sure our community’s investment in more than a billion dollars in school buildings is maintained for years to come.