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While existing PPEL dollars will continue to be used to repair and maintain school buildings, improve security, and improve energy efficiency, new dollars generated with a PPEL increase will focus on an important need for students: technology.

Whether it’s learning in the classroom, preparing for higher education, or getting ready for the workforce, access to technology is not an option if students are going to succeed. In fact, students today do not remember at time when there was not access to computers and the Internet. Technology today is what textbooks and chalkboards were a generation and more ago.

New PPEL dollars will make sure students have greater access to computers and other devices; ensure teachers have smarter technology for their classrooms; protect technology from future budget cuts; and help the school district maintain a network that supports what our schools need in the year 2019 and beyond.

An increase in PPEL will make sure every students has access to the technology they need to best support their education.