A New School, Program for Students in Northeast Des Moines

In the fall of 2017, Des Moines Public Schools announced plans to begin work an entirely new school in northeast Des Moines and to open in August 2020.

Located at 3260 E. Douglas Avenue, the school is being built to meet two significant needs:

  • First, the new school will expand access to a Montessori education, a very popular and meaningful program, and serve to benefit many more of our students. Today Cowles Montessori School – also a part of DMPS – is the only public Montessori school in the state of Iowa.
  • Second, it will provide relief to two of our largest elementary schools: Brubaker and Garton. This will help maintain better class sizes and lower enrollment.

The Northeast Montessori School will serve some of the families currently attending Brubaker or Garton.  While the new school will open in August 2020, it will begin educating four-year old preschoolers and kindergartners starting in August 2019 at the McKee Education Center (2116 E. 39th Court).

Be sure to visit the links in the menu to the right for more about the Northeast Montessori School. We have posted information on the attendance area for the new school, how you can attend, what a Montessori education is about, a timeline on the opening of the school, and more.