Roosevelt Dismissing Early Due to Staff Illnesses


Roosevelt High School is dismissing early on Thursday, October 22 due to staff illnesses.

A large number of Roosevelt High School staff who attended a luncheon yesterday have become ill with what is believed to be food poisoning. The Polk County Health Department is investigating.

The school does not have enough staff to continue classes today as normal. Therefore, school is being dismissed for the day.

Parent-teacher conferences, scheduled for this afternoon and evening, are also postponed.

Student activities scheduled for this afternoon and evening, and being held outside of Roosevelt, will continue. This includes a cross country meet and a girls’ swim meet. All after-school activities, practices and rehearsals at Roosevelt are cancelled.

Bus service will be available for students who do not have other means of returning home this afternoon.

The food originated from two outside businesses; it was not prepared in the DMPS kitchens and was not served to students.

Additional updates will be made as information becomes available.