Meal Sites More Than Double to Meet Need, Improve Access

To meet increasing need in our community, Des Moines Public Schools will more than double the number of food distribution sites in the city from 22 to 50 beginning Monday, April 20.

DMPS staff and volunteers have provided more than 150,000 individual meals and snacks since district meal distribution began on March 26, with the need increasing each week.

“Our staff have been working 12+ hour shifts to assemble thousands of meals each day,” said Food and Nutrition director Amanda Miller, “and our staff and volunteers at the distribution sites have been essential to creating a drive-thru meal distribution that is benefiting thousands of children.”

The need has been so great, traffic congestion from 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM each weekday has become an issue for communities surrounding most of the current meal distribution sites.

“Not only will having more sites help alleviate traffic congestion but offering meals at more locations makes sense for accessibility,” Miller said.

The district will add sites at most of the elementary schools, one high school and two early childhood centers in addition to the middle schools, also keeping some of the auxiliary sites near apartment complexes where many DMPS students live.

The district is attempting to obtain multiple grants to continue covering the cost of providing a breakfast, lunch and additional food supplies for the weekend at the emergency food distribution sites. Thanks to contributions from the community, the district has been able to add healthy snacks for children to eat during the stretch between lunch and breakfast the following day. Donations continue to be accepted online.

“This has been an incredible community effort,” said Superintendent Dr. Thomas Ahart. “We knew assembling meals and organizing distribution sites so quickly would be a heavy lift, but our food and nutrition and community schools teams rallied and continue to work tirelessly on behalf of children in Des Moines.”

The food distribution will continue for the remainder of the school year and be reevaluated at the beginning of summer break. Any child 18 or younger is eligible to receive meals.

Below are the elementary school food sites opening on April 20:

  • Capitol View Elementary School, 320 East 16th St.
  • Carver Elementary School, 705 East University Ave.
  • Cattell Elementary School, 3101 East 12th St.
  • Edmunds Elementary School, 950 15th St.
  • Findley Elementary School, 3025 Oxford St.
  • Garton Elementary School, 2820 E. 24th St.
  • Greenwood Elementary School, 316 37th St. (back driveway)
  • Hillis Elementary School, 2401 56th St.
  • Howe Elementary School, 2900 Indianola Ave.
  • Hubbell Elementary School, 800 42nd St.
  • Jackson Elementary School, 3825 Indianola Ave.
  • King Elementary School, 1849 Forest Ave.
  • Lovejoy Elementary School, 801 E. Kenyon Ave.
  • Madison Elementary School, 806 E. Hoffman St.
  • McKinley Elementary School, 1610 SE 6th St.
  • Monroe Elementary School, 3015 Francis Ave.
  • Moore Elementary School, 3716 50th St.
  • Morris Elementary School, 1401 Geil Ave.
  • Moulton Elementary School, 1541 8th St.
  • Oak Park Elementary School, 3928 6th Ave.
  • Park Avenue Elementary School, 3141 SW 9th St.
  • Perkins Elementary School, 4301 College Ave.
  • Phillips Elementary School, 1701 Lay St.
  • Pleasant Hill Elementary School, 4801 E. Oakwood Dr.
  • River Woods Elementary School, 2929 SE 22nd St.
  • Samuelson Elementary School, 3929 Bel Aire Rd.
  • South Union Elementary School, 4201 South Union St.
  • Stowe Elementary School, 1411 East 33rd St.
  • Willard Elementary School, 2941 Dean Ave.
  • Windsor Elementary School, 5912 University Ave.
  • Wright Elementary School, 5001 SW 14th St.

Middle Schools providing meals:

  • Brody Middle School, 2501 Park Ave.
  • Callanan Middle School, 3010 Center St.
  • Goodrell Middle School, 3300 E. 29th St.
  • Harding Middle School, 203 East Euclid Ave.
  • Hiatt Middle School, 1430 East University Ave.
  • Hoyt Middle School, 2700 East 42nd St.
  • McCombs Middle School, 201 County Line Road
  • Meredith Middle School, 4827 Madison Ave.
  • Merrill Middle School, 5301 Grand Ave.
  • Weeks Middle School, 901 East Park Ave.

High Schools providing meals:

  • North High School, 501 Holcomb Ave.

Early childhood centers providing meals:

  • Jesse Franklin Taylor, 1801 16th
  • McKee Education Center, 2116 E 39th Ct.

In addition, DMPS will continue providing meals at the following auxiliary locations:

  • The Meadows, 2525 County Line Rd.
  • Deer Ridge, 6000 Creston Ave.
  • The Watchman, 2723 Euclid Ave.
  • Willow Park, 6514 Chaffee Rd.
  • Oak View Terrance, 2901 Boston Ave.
  • Apartments at 2501 24th St.