Lincoln 9th Graders Will Attend Classes on Main Campus

Beginning in August, All Rails Attend 2600 SW 9th Street


Beginning in August 2019, all Lincoln students will attend classes at the schools main campus.

Beginning with the start of the 2019-20 school year, Lincoln High School will return to being the educational home for all of its students in grades 9-12. After a decade of Lincoln 9th grade students attending classes at the Rails Academy, located at the former Kurtz Junior High School, the class will return to Lincoln’s main campus on SW 9th Street in August.


The former Kurtz Junior High School will continue to be used by both DMPS and Lincoln.

This change is being made for two reasons. First, having Lincoln’s 9th grade students in a separate building has not had an impact on academic achievement, so we are excited to once again have all Rails on the same campus. Second, this will provide some efficiency for the school district in areas such as school bus transportation and meal deliveries.

Other benefits from the change include:

  • 9th grade students will have greater access to more courses.
  • Mentoring opportunities can increase.
  • Communication about activities and a sense of belonging to Lincoln will improve for 9th grade students.
  • Better use of staff as it relates to student services as positions had to previously be split between buildings.

In short, moving forward, Lincoln will be a comprehensive 9-12 high school like the other four high schools in Des Moines. Approximately 2,400 students attend Lincoln High School.

The Kurtz building and property will continue to play a role in Rails’ athletics and activities, as the baseball and softball fields are located there and the gymnasium will be used for some games and practices.

In addition, Des Moines Public Schools will continue to own and maintain the Kurtz building as it considers options for how the building will contribute to the district’s facility needs in the future.