Hubbell School Plans Garden Planting Day

Hubbell Elementary School will hold its second annual Hubbell Garden Planting Day involving all of the school’s 400 students in kindergarten through fifth grades.

The Garden Planting Day will be held:

Tuesday, April 24
8:30 AM to 2:30 PM
Hubbell Elementary School
800 – 42nd St.

During the planting day, every student will plant a seed or seedling into the Hubbell School garden. Along with the planting of the school vegetable garden, students will learn about harvesting seeds and learn about composting. Around 400 students and numerous volunteers will participate.

The Garden Planting Day is part of a comprehensive school garden program that includes 13 raised vegetable beds, a school garden club, garden tasting days and an indoor garden cart with grow lights that provides year-long horticultural lessons to the students.

“The goal of the Hubbell School garden is to demonstrate how food is grown, teach basic botany, reinforce good nutritional habits and promote the benefits of spending time outside,” said Jacob Lederman,
Hubbell School Garden Committee Chair.

The Hubbell School garden is sponsored by the Hubbell School Garden committee and funded by the Hubbell PTA. For more information please contact Lederman at 515-202-2597 or the Hubbell School Gardener Kay Meyer at 515-975-0582.