DMPS Tests School Buildings for Lead in Drinking Water

lead-testingWith recent national attention of lead in water supplies, including reports of elevated levels of lead in school drinking water around the country, Des Moines Public Schools is currently testing the water in all of its school buildings.

“While we hope for the best we prepare for the worst, and this is a case where we want to know if we have a problem,” said Bill Good, chief operations officer for Des Moines Public Schools. “If that’s the case the school district will do whatever we need to do for the safety and well-being of our students and staff.”

Testing is currently underway with results expected later this month. Test results and related information will be made available to the public on the school district’s web site.

If elevated lead levels are found in any school building, the district will begin a protocol to mitigate and reduce lead from the building’s drinking water based upon steps recommended by health and environmental experts.

Des Moines Water Works is the provider of water service to the school district, and has additional information and resources about lead and safe drinking water on their web site.