DMPS Receives $6 Million Grant for Destination Graduation

Des Moines Public Schools has been awarded $6 million in grants from the U.S. Department of Education to reform high schools and improve the educational outcomes of students.

The school district will receive $1.2 million each year for the next five years to support Destination Graduation — the district’s initiative to see fewer students drop out of school and more students graduate. The five-year goal for DMPS is to raise the graduation rate to 95 percent and lower the dropout rate to below state average.

Twenty-eight school districts, including Des Moines Public Schools, received a Graduation Initiative grant.

“This federal grant funding will boost our efforts to help all students be successful in high school,” said Bryce Amos, Executive Director for the Northeast Region. “We are grateful to have this funding to expand our credit recovery programs, academic support labs, and other supports that students and staff need to reach our goal of graduating 95 percent of our students.”