Des Moines Public Schools Recall Teachers

DMPS school district officials announced that they will restore 18 teaching positions which were cut earlier this spring due to budget reductions. 

Superintendent Nancy Sebring stated that teachers will be recalled from the pool of teachers that had lost jobs with the district. 

“We are taking a cautious approach in the restoration of positions, but hope to find additional resources within the system to recall several teachers who had previously lost jobs due to the $11 million budget shortfall for the 10-11 school year,” said Sebring.

Additional resources became available following the conclusion of salary negotiations.

Positions being restored include music, counseling, a variety of secondary elective teachers, and a small number of elementary positions. Previous restorations included a limited number of elementary classroom teaching positions and elementary music positions. 

In addition to teaching positions, the district will retain five custodial positions slated to be cut, and one laborer position. 

DMPS eliminated 173 positions earlier this year due to budget shortfalls. Many teachers have been recalled to fill other vacancies in the district, or have been hired by grants that have been secured by the district. At this time, fewer than 40 teachers remain on the recall list. If additional federal funds are provided to employ teachers, those on the recall list would be first to be considered for any new or restored positions.