Des Moines Public Schools’ Insurance Company Settles Sebring Lawsuit

Des Moines Public Schools’ insurance company has settled the lawsuit Nancy Sebring filed over the release of emails written on her school district account.

Based upon the Court’s recent rulings in this case, the school district fully expected to prevail at the trial court level.  Over the past two months the Court ruled that the former superintendent’s emails are indeed a public record under Iowa law, and are not subject to any of the exemptions for confidential records.  The Court stated the claims being put forth by Nancy Sebring and her attorneys are not viable.

However, the district expected Dr. Sebring to appeal these adverse rulings, and it was likely the litigation would have continued for years.  To avoid the additional expense, burdens, and uncertainty of continued litigation, the school district’s insurance company, which is paying the majority of costs related to the lawsuit, made the decision to settle.

The total amount paid pursuant to the settlement is $350,000, with half going to the former superintendent and half to her attorneys.  No funds from the school district’s budget are being used to pay for the settlement.