Central Students Head to National History Bowl and Bee

Pictured left to right are Luke Sheeley (Roosevelt), Seth Van Helten (East), Julius Tembe (North) and Cody McKeehan (North)

Four students from Central Academy are heading to the National History Bowl and Bee later this month.

A team of Central students comprised of Cody McKeehan (North), Luke Sheeley (Roosevelt), Julius Tembe (North) and Seth Van Helten (East) finished second at the regional National History Bowl competition held at Dowling High School.

In addition, Julius Tembe finished first in the Varsity division of the regional History Bee and Cody McKeehan finished second in the Junior Varsity division of the regional History Bee.

Both the two and individuals have qualified for the national competition in Washington, DC on April 28-29.

“This is a terrific honor for these students, as well as recognition of the great work of our teachers at Central Academy,” said Crista Carlile, Supervisor of Central Academy.

The National History Bowl and Bee strives to promote history education throughout the United States, and among American citizens around the world. The goal is to foster an interest in history among students and give present-day students an appreciation for the past that will serve them and their country and world well in the future, and to encourage students to continue their study of history through scholarship in high school, college, and beyond. For more information visit www.historybowl.com or www.historybee.com.