Central Academy Students Earn Top Honors at Math Competition

Central Academy mathematics students captured 36 of 61 All-Academic team honors at the 38th Annual High School Mathematics Contest held at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville on Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010. Eight Central Academy faculty members escorted a total of 103 students to the competition.

The event featured over 500 students representing approximately 36 high schools from Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois.  Students competed on either Level I (10th grade and below) or Level II (11th and 12th grade). The Central Academy students named to All-Academic Teams are:


Level I All-Academic Team:

Level II All-Academic Team:

8th grader:

11th graders:

Vaughn Hommerding

Jack Bequeaith

Brady Edwards

9th graders:

Corey Grief

Edel Aron

Rachel Jacobs

Granger Carty

Jay Kakade

Patrick Hiatt

Sarah Liu

Aaron Lin

Matt MacKay

Nick Parker

Megan Mansfield

Max Pilcher

Stephanie Manivanh

Vaibhar Srikaran

Chris Sherwood

Ryan Utke

12th graders:

10th graders:

Alex Feldstein

Olin Carty

Alick Feng

Eric Chen

Joseph Harper

Danny Deeter

Luke Kim

Ashley DeHaan

Skyler Marquis

Henry Fender

James Nassif

Alex Lopez

Varun Ramaswamy

Luke Sheeley

Joel Schneider

Kenny Suh

Yale Zhu

Central Academy seniors Joel Schneider and Yale Zhu were the only Central Academy students to earn a rare perfect score this year. Schneider earned a perfect paper three of his four years of competing, while Zhu earned a perfect paper four years in a row.

“It is wonderful to see our mathematics students compete at this high of a level and produce such outstanding results,” said Dr. Gary McClanahan, Central Academy Director.  “Thanks to our faculty members for going above and beyond to make it possible for our students to participate in out-of-state competitions.”