Central Academy Receives Donation from Aviva to Assist Low Income Students with AP Testing Fees

Central Academy has received a $7,917 grant from the Aviva Charitable Foundation to cover costs of Advanced Placement (AP) testing for low income students. The grant also will pay for transportation to the testing site for all students, facility rental, and test proctors.

“It is because of grants such as this one from Aviva Charitable Foundation that we are able to make sure financial need is not a barrier for students wishing to take AP exams,” said Crista Carlile, Central Academy supervisor.

AP tests are given annually, during the first two weeks in May. The times are set nationally, so all students in a particular course take the exam at the same time. In total, there were 1,024 exams taken last May by 435 DMPS students. Of those, 345 students attended Central Academy.

Aviva is Central Academy’s business partner. Aviva Charitable Foundation was created in December 1994 for the purpose of supporting various scientific, educational, health and welfare, civic and cultural organizations.

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