Community Legislative Action Team

Make Your Voice Heard for our Students

The DMPS Community Legislative Action Team (DMPS-CLAT) is made up of parents and other community members who recognize the need for more awareness of how specific legislative actions affect our schools, and actively advocate for policies that increase student success.

To be successful, this group needs one thing: YOU. It’s important that the voices of parents, grandparents, community members and others are heard by our legislators and the Governor so they know how important education and schools are to our children and all of Des Moines.

Join us as we focus on the need to extend support for our English Language Learners, expand funding for students in poverty, and ask the legislature to increase the SSA to meet the needs of all students.

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During the legislative session, DMPS-CLAT holds regular coffees with members of our legislative delegation the second Saturday of each month. In addition, CLAT usually schedules a “Day on the Hill” for DMPS representatives to talk with legislators at the State Capitol about issues important to the school district.

In addition, members of DMPS-CLAT reach out to legislators during the weeks leading up to the session to share ideas and get input on topics critical to our public schools in Des Moines.

Be sure to read more about the top issues for Des Moines Public Schools by reading our 2020 Legislative Priorities.

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