Our Focus

The focus of the Foundation’s work is on grades K-8 and in the curricular areas of Science and the Arts. The Foundation supports some “extras” for our schools to help make education in Des Moines even better.

Teacher, school, and district grants will support the curriculum, serve our diverse students, and encourage innovative efforts in our classrooms, our schools, and throughout Des Moines Public Schools.

“The Foundation will be a partner in supporting new and innovative efforts in our schools, providing students and their teachers with extras to enhance their education in Des Moines.”

Dr. Thomas Ahart, superintendent, Des Moines Public Schools


Enhance quality education for all students, pre-kindergarten through grade 12, with special emphasis on supporting the needs of Pre-K through grade 8 students and staff of the Des Moines Public Schools.


Develop a community of supporters who work together to acquire resources to enhance learning for students, educators, and related organizations within Des Moines Public Schools.


Establish a vibrant community-based foundation structured to raise, invest, and share resources solely for the benefit of the students and staff of Des Moines Public Schools.