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K-5 ONLINE: Elementary Virtual Learning at DMPS

Families may still register for elementary online learning through Edgenuity. DMPS is increasing capacity and currently space is available. Students will be added to the program as quickly as possible after registration.  If enrollments exceed overall capacity, this option may become unavailable to families, similar to the enrollment limits in the Middle and High School grades at DMPS Virtual Campus.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a concern, and new variants of the virus cause an increase in cases here in Iowa and around the world, DMPS is doing what we can for a safe and healthy start to school. At the same time, Iowa school districts are restricted in the measures that can be taken in response to this public health concern.

In order to provide families with another learning option, DMPS has contracted with Edgenuity – a state-approved provider of online education – to offer an at-home virtual learning program for students in grades K-5.

Please read on for more information about online learning for elementary grades, the courses students will take, the important role of parents as “learning coaches,” and links to more information from Edgenuity. You can also submit a question and register your child for online learning.


This program will provide online, independent, self-paced grade level instruction for students. Parents should note that this is a change from virtual learning during the 2020-21 school year.

Students will study four core subjects:

  • Math
  • Language Arts
  • Science
  • Social Studies

In addition, students will select two of the following elective subjects:

  • Art
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Technology

Students will have the same Edgenuity teacher for the four core subjects. Edgenuity teachers are Iowa certified and will provide the following support for students throughout the semester:

  • Feedback on and grading of work
  • Office hours during the day and evening for student support
  • Track daily attendance and engagement
  • Maintain regular contact with the school district’s liaison
  • Provide the Learning Coach (see below) directions for each lesson.
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Teachers and staff at Des Moines Public Schools will continue to play an important role in supporting elementary students who are learning online.

DISTRICT COORDINATOR: DMPS will have a coordinator who will maintain contact with Edgenuity teachers, support families with access to course work, monitor student attendance and engagement, coordinate with the district’s technology department, and coordinate with other student supports.

SCHOOL LIAISONS: Each elementary school will have a liaison who will work with the district coordinator and communicate with families as needed.

ACCELERATED LEARNERS (Gifted and Talented): School building consultants will be available to provide supports to students who are in the Accelerated Learning Program.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS: ELL teachers will serve English Language Learner students who are taking part in the online elementary program.

STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES: Special education teachers will serve student who are taking part in the online elementary program, and IEP teams will be involved to work with families in making decisions about individual student needs.


A learning coach is a parent, family member, or another adult who is at home with the student while the student is going through their courses. Understanding the importance of your role as a learning coach is key to the success of your student. As a learning coach, you are committed to helping your student go beyond what is online and bringing those concepts to life. The role includes:

  • Guide the student through the lessons as needed
  • Discuss the concepts being taught
  • Assist with interactive tools and games
  • Oversee assignments
  • Help facilitate hands-on learning that may be in the course
  • Check for understanding of assignments
  • Keep the student on schedule and pace
  • Ensure all course components are being done with fidelity (independent reading, novel studies, practice activities, etc.)
  • Communicate with the teacher as needed

Additional information about the role of the Learning Coach is available on the Edgenuity web site:

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Elementary students taking part in online learning will have certain services provided to support both their access to Edgenuity as well as their well-being.

For example, students will be provided with a district-issued laptop in order to access their online courses.

In addition, the district will provide breakfast and lunch to online students.

Details on these services will be provided to families after they register for online learning.



To learn more about this online learning option for grades K-5, and Edgenuity, be sure to view the resources below on their web site:


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If you have specifics questions about K-5 online learning at DMPS, please complete the form below. Someone from DMPS will be responding to your inquiry.


Families wishing to participate in the K-5 online program may sign up by clicking the button below. To complete the registration form, you will be asked to log in with your household’s primary phone number as listed in Infinite Campus.

There is no cost to families to participate in online learning. Please note that there is a 14-day grace period for families to opt out of online learning. Otherwise, students will remain in the program through the end of the semester. There will be opportunities for students to change from in-person to online during the semester; additional information about that process will be posted at a later time.