Help Students Succeed In and Out of the Classroom

Des Moines Public Schools are home to a variety of athletics and activities.

Our award-winning athletes routinely go on to compete at the college and university level, some go on to play professional sports, such as Hoover alum and American League rookie-of-the-year Jeremy Hellickson, and others go on to compete in the Olympics, such as Roosevelt grad Lolo Jones!

Our speech and debate teams continue to dominate at state and national competitions, our student journalists are winning multiple awards, our musicians earn top marks in solo and ensemble events, and our drama departments are turning out large productions with rich costumes and sets.

Join the team and round out the education of our nearly 33,000 students in one of our 60+ schools.

Des Moines Public Schools offers a range of positions with competitive salaries and great benefits. If you are looking for a great career opportunity in education, then you are looking at the right place.

Activity and Athletic Director positions are located on the School Administrators page.

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