DMPS students in grades 9-12 will be provided two options: hybrid learning and fully virtual learning. Some students will likely enroll in the fully virtual option due to health, safety, or other concerns. All other students will participate in a hybrid learning model.

In a hybrid learning model, students attend school for face-to-face instruction on a rotating schedule in order to reduce the number of students in a building on a given day. When not in the building for face-to-face instruction, students will be engaged in virtual learning. This model includes attention to access, social and emotional needs, engagement, and community partnerships. Students selecting the hybrid model will attend in-person classes 2-3 days each week, with virtual learning on days that aren’t in person.

NOTE: Students attending Central Academy and Central Campus will continue those classes in the same way this school year began: Central Academy will remain 100% virtual and Central Campus will have limited in-person classes.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Middle Schools Cohort A Cohort A Alternating Wednesdays for Cohort A and B Cohort B Cohort B
Comprehensive High Schools Cohort A Cohort A Alternating Wednesdays for Cohort A and B Cohort B Cohort B
Central Campus (lab based classes) Central Campus will maintain their current schedule.  Individual student’s schedules may need to be adjusted to match cohort selection.
Central Academy Fully Virtual Fully Virtual Fully Virtual Fully Virtual Fully Virtual

General Information

  • This schedule will start Term 2 (November 10) 
  • Students will be taking their courses selected last year. 
  • Students will still be on a 4×4 schedule. Students selected 7 classes last year to take first semester this year. They took 3-4 of those classes Term 1 (August 24 – November 9) and will take the final 3-4 during Term 2 (November 10 – January 22).  

Full Virtual Selection

  • Students will be served instructionally in the same way virtual students are served currently in Term 1.
  • Students will be enrolled in both Virtual Campus and their home school. 
  • Students will graduate with their home schools if they participate in this model. 
  • Students can still participate in athletics and activities at their home school. 
  • Staffing will move to Virtual Campus to support and teach students. (Depends on percentage) 

Hybrid Selection

  • Students will be part of either Cohort A or Cohort B. 
  • Students will attend three days a week one week and two days a week the following week. 
  • Teachers will only have their Hybrid students on their rosters at the home schools. 
  • High School students will engage in synchronous learning (live) while in attendance at their home schools. When students are participating in learning at home they will be engaged in asynchronous learning (on their own through Canvas and Teams). Depending on the teacher and subject area, there may be instances where students at home are needed to engage in synchronous learning through Teams like they do now in the Virtual model. Teachers will ensure students are aware if this will be occurring in their classroom.  

A/B Wednesdays

Students in the hybrid learning model will attend in-person classes on alternating Wednesdays, depending on whether they are assigned to the A or B group. To see which Wednesday you will be attending school in-person, please click here to download the Hybrid Wednesday Schedule (PDF).

Mike Vukovich, Director of High Schools, talks more about the high school learning options