When a positive case of COVID-19 is identified in a school, the custodial staff will coordinate with DMPS health services and follow CDC guidelines and recommendations of local public health agencies, including isolating the affected space, and cleaning and disinfecting the area.

Cleaning, disinfecting and personal hygiene at school will be vital in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as more students and staff move in and out of our schools. The district’s custodial services have developed the following plan to maintain as safe an environment as possible.

Preparation for occupancy – An antimicrobial surface treatment has been applied to reduce the viability of microbes on surfaces.

Cleaning Routines during the day – Periodic disinfection of high touch points. Monitor and manage soap and hand sanitizer dispenser levels.

Disinfectant – an EPA-registered, peroxide-based cleaner and disinfectant will be used by custodians or other trained staff.

Hand Sanitizer – Approximately 5,000 dispensers have been installed in our schools to be used to supplement hand washing.

Athletics/Activities – Custodial Services will provide cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer for practices and events, and cleaning and disinfection at end of day after practices and/or event(s). Guidance from IHSAA or IHSGAU will be followed.

Outdoor Spaces and Playgrounds – the CDC does not currently recommend exterior disinfection. The custodial staff recommends the use of hand sanitizer or hand washing prior to and immediately after recess/outdoor activities.

Classroom Furnishings – Drinking fountains are removed from service and bottle fillers will be used in their place. Soft furnishings and rugs are more difficult to disinfect and will be evaluated for possible removal on an individual basis.

Ventilation – The primary modification(s) to building ventilating systems will not be in the form of physical system changes, but in the way that ventilating units are utilized.  In particular, the length of time that ventilating equipment is operated and, in some cases, the rate at which air is exchanged will be increased to provide additional fresh air circulation.  Ventilating equipment will be operated daily from before staff and students arrive until following the completion of after-hours programming and childcare. These changes will look different in each school as no two ventilating systems are identical.

Restrooms – Signs will be placed to encourage physical distancing and proper hand hygiene. Alternating fixtures in the restrooms will be labeled as “Out of Order”.