Des Moines Public Schools is taking a major step in expanding in-person learning, for students and families who choose that option, with a plan that complies with State mandates on returning to learn during the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, virtual learning will continue to be a choice for all students.

The Des Moines School Board approved a resolution to begin implementing a plan by the Superintendent that would give students and families the following choices:

  • VIRTUAL: The 100% online learning option, similar to how DMPS began this school year, will continue to be available to all students across all grade levels.
  • HYBRID: A hybrid model, consisting of 2-3 days of in-person instruction each week, will also be offered under this updated plan. Students would be assigned to either an A or B group. The A group would attend school on Monday and Tuesday, the B group would attend school on Thursday and Friday, and Wednesdays would alternate between the two groups.

In addition, the School Board is working with local health officials to establish a set of metrics on safely re-opening schools and/or determining when a closure might be necessary due to COVID-19 conditions in the community.

Please read the information listed to the right  for more about the learning models options and key dates in the transition to this plan, and health and safety issues to consider regarding in-person learning. In the coming days we will have additional information and details around several aspects of this plan to address questions you may have.