High School Schedule: Possible Change for 2019-20

A Better Schedule For A Better High School Experience?

Visit https://www.dmschools.org/hsschedule for more information.

The first priority of a class schedule should be to do the most good for the most students to succeed in school. The current high school block schedule at Des Moines Public Schools leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to meeting that goal.

That’s why, over the past five years, ideas for a new schedule have been proposed and talked about at both the district and building levels.

The current schedule results in too infrequent, irregular contact between teachers and students. This has a range of negative impacts, such as causing absences to impact students more severely due to the every other day nature of the blocks.

This page compares the current high school schedule with a proposed plan, citing the pros and cons of each, and why a change next August might be for the better.


As the district is considering a change in the class schedule starting next school year, we’d like to invite parents of high school students to learn more. DMPS is holding two town halls for parents:

5:30 to 7:00 PM