Enhanced Technology to Support Education

Providing service and support to more than 70 buildings, Technology Operations provides secure, reliable, and integrated technology solutions that align with our academic and administrative goals, equipping our students and staff to be 21st century learners and workers.

Technology Operations is dedicated to providing a reliable and responsive network with enhanced technology and improved efficiency, while also providing leadership and planning for the effective and strategic use of emerging technologies.

The department’s commitment to professionalism and continuous improvement ensures technology is an asset for the district on the way to becoming the model for urban education in the United States.

Capitalizing on Innovation to Further the Educational Process

We will collaborate to provide leadership and planning for the effective use and strategic use of emerging technologies. Through our commitment to continuous improvement we are here to ensure technology is a strategic partner with the academic, administrative, and community stakeholders.

Director of Technology Operations

Dan Warren
Address: 1915 Prospect Road, Des Moines, IA
P: 515-242-8192 | F: 515-242-7377 | E: danny.warren@dmschools.org