Facilities Advisory Committee

The Superintendent’s Facilities Advisory Committee provides recommendations to Des Moines Public Schools on efficient use of the statewide sales tax for school infrastructure, along with other facility-related issues.

Areas identified by the committee as top priorities for school renovations include:

  • Safety and security
  • Replacement of obsolete, inefficient, or worn out equipment or systems
  • Money saving strategies
  • Improvements to buildings which have not received major improvements
  • Technology infrastructure upgrades
  • Improvements to enhance research-based student achievement
  • Ability to adjust to educational program changes

Current members of committee are:

  • Joel Doyle
  • Jeff Hall
  • Mary Lynne Jones
  • Ed Linebach
  • Brian Millard
  • Mahogany Palmer
  • Jermaine Parkey
  • Jay Peterson
  • Brad Titus
  • Dan Twelmeyer