Timeline and Key Dates

The following are key dates for the 2014-15 school year in the work being conducted related to DMPS and the Wallace Foundation grant:

December 11 – Principal Meeting

January 7 – Office of Schools (OOS) Team Meeting

January 8 – Principal Meeting – LSI/Marzano Center Training focused on Domain 1 of the School Leader Evaluation Model, A Data-Driven Focus on Student Achievement (description emailed yesterday at 3:52 PM)

January 9 – OOS Team Training and Planning Discussion with LSI/Marzano Center – Kathy and Diane – follow-up to the training provided and how Directors will ensure principals implement the training and time for us to redesign/request what services we want from LSI in regards to training and coaching

January 14 – OOS Team Meeting

January 20, 21, or 22 – T&L extended all day for MRL-Marzano Research Lab follow-up from November training

January 20-23 – Strategic Leadership Design follow-up meeting

January 21 – OOS Team Meeting with Nicholas Pelzer, Wallace Representative and Michael Toth, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Learning Sciences International/Marzano Center

February 16-17 – Wallace TA visit from Council of Great City Schools