Please email  for general questions.

All other HR inquiries Cyndi Bernhardt– 7709
Substitute Office
(teachers, associates and nurses)
Nicole Wichman -7378
Heather Jacobus -7638
Megan Porter-7639
(Chief, Benefits, Certified and Classified)
Susan Tallman – 7709  Chief
Cathy McKay -8131 (Benefits)
Tiffany O’Hara -7566 (Certified)
Sheila Mason -7659 (Classified)
Civil Rights, Equity, Harassment E Jacob Cummings– 7709
Name Change Request Emily Truitt – 8120

In order to change your name in our systems, we need a copy of your new social security card with your new name.  You may either email this to me (including the word “encrypt” in the subject line of the email) or you may stop by our offices at 2100 Fleur and the front desk can make a copy for you.  While you are here, you can get a new employee ID badge printed reflecting your new name.  Within a couple of days after the name change in our system, the Technology Department will reach out to you to coordinate changing your email address to your new name.  If you hold insurance with the district, you will want to watch for your name to change in the BenefitFocus system.  Once you see your name change in that system, you can call the number on the back of your current insurance cards to order new ones.

Address/Phone Number Change Employee Online
Volunteers Eric Whitney – 7944
Workers Comp/FMLA Sherri Weatherly – 7624
Insurance Rhonda Wagoner – 7711
Wellness Program Katie Northness – 7791
Certified Staffing Maureen Norris– 7809

Emily Behrens – 8126

Course Approval Julie Gilde– 7841
Hiring Process Julie Gilde -7806 (elementary)
Jen Evans -8257 (secondary)
License Renewal Julie Gilde– 7841
Student Teaching Julie Gilde– 7806
Jennifer Evans– 8257
Transcripts & Reclassification Julie Gilde– 7841
Verification of Employment Lillie Noland – 7841 (Years of Experience)
– 7747 (Mortgage/Auto Loan/Salary)
Classified Staffing Naki Allen – 7662
Michael Boyle
 – 7661
Hiring Process Denise Johnson – 7732 (operations, transportation, food service, crafts)
Lillie Noland – 7701 (other classified)
Leave/NOVAtime Balances, Pay and Payroll Reporting, Stipend Denise Roorda – 7747