We encourage members of the Des Moines community to share thoughts and solutions to support safety, health, family engagement, and belonging in our schools.

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The survey will be open to the public through the end of May. Thank you for your participation!

Des Moines Public Schools recognizes the healing that needs to take place in our community after the tragic shooting at East High School. We also recognize that issues related to community violence and trauma are issues for our entire community. It will take many minds and voices to find solutions.

Towards that goal, Des Moines Public Schools is committed to creating spaces for us to come together as a community to listen to one another and imagine how we can create the environments students are requesting. We actively worked with students, community organizations and partners to design and facilitate opportunities for conversations.

In late April and early May 2022, DMPS hosted a series of five Community Conversations at each high school. Working with Iowa ACEs 360, the input and responses provided at each in-person event were collected and will be presented in a report later this summer.

In addition, the public is invited to share their input through an online survey that is open through the end of May. Please see the box to the right for additional information including a link to participate in the survey.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this process – whether in-person or online – for sharing your perspective on issues important to our entire community.

NOTE: The information below provides an overview of the five in-person Community Conversations; these events have already been held.

The shooting outside of East High School is a tragic example of the many ways our students and community are experiencing trauma. Violence and trauma are both created by, and impact, the conditions in which we live. While these issues are complex and include investment and responses from multiple community partners and entities, Des Moines Public Schools can play a role in improving student safety and wellbeing.  A series of at least five roundtable conversations will elevate ideas from students, families, staff, and community members of what DMPS can do to prevent and mitigate the impact of trauma and support healing in the community. Responses from each event will be collected, analyzed, and organized into themes to be presented as a report highlighting ideas and solutions to guide future conversations and planning. Data collected will also be shared publicly with the community.

In collaboration with students, families, and community organizations, Iowa ACEs 360 will coordinate the healing-centered, solutions-focused community conversations. Conversations will be co-facilitated by leaders of local community organizations and student leaders. Iowa ACEs 360 will support the set-up of these events, as well as analyze responses into a report. Des Moines Public Schools will host the conversations and is part of the planning team guiding the process.

Five conversations will take place starting in late April. Each event begins at 5:30 PM.

East High School – April 28th
Feeder schools: Brubaker, Capitol View, Carver, Hiatt, Hoyt, Phillips, Pleasant Hill, River Woods, Stowe, Willard

Lincoln High School – May 2nd
Feeder schools: Brody, Howe, Jackson, Jefferson, Lovejoy, McCombs, Mckinley, Morris, Park Avenue, South Union, Studebaker, Weeks, Wright

Roosevelt High School – May 3rd
Feeder schools: Callanan, Cowles, Downtown School, Edmunds, Greenwood, Hanawalt, Hubbell, King, Merrill, Perkins, Walnut Street, Windsor

Hoover High School – May 11th
Feeder schools: Hillis, Meredith, Monroe, Moore, Samuelson

North High School – May 12th
Feeder schools: Cattell, Findley, Garton, Goodrell, Harding, Madison, Moulton, Oak Park

Authentic student, family, and community stakeholder engagement is critical to understanding what DMPS can do to prevent and mitigate the impact of trauma and support healing in the community. These conversations are an opportunity for many community members to come together to talk about what they are experiencing, what they would like to see, and what ideas will achieve that vision. These community-led discussions will bring forward and build upon discussions already happening in the community and elevate themes and solutions that can guide Des Moines Public Schools and its partners in next steps for how to create the conditions for healing and well-being to occur within the school system.