Which schools will have new attendance areas as a result of this change?

The new attendance areas will apply to the five comprehensive high schools as well as the nine middle schools that have attendance boundaries.

When would this change go into effect?

The new attendance areas will take effect with the start of the 2013-14 school year.

My child is already attending a middle or high school but the attendance area change impacts where we live; will they have to attend a difference school?

This plan is being “grandfathered” in for many students as follows:

  • Middle and High Schools: All students enrolled in a middle or high school during the 2012-13 school year are eligible for “grandfathering,” which would allow them to finish all the grade levels of the middle or high school they currently attend if they continue to reside at the impacted residence.
  • In every case, students wishing to “grandfather” will need to indicate such prior to March 1st, 2013. The process for choosing to “grandfather” will be communicated to every impacted family beginning in December, 2012.

Will elementary school attendance areas be changed?

At this point the focus is on making improvements to the “feeder system” for the secondary schools and making improvements to their attendance areas. Elementary schools will be addressed in the future.

How many students will go to a different school as a result of this change?

Out of 32,000 students in the district, a maximum of 350 middle school students and 250 high school students would be impacted, but most will have the option to “grandfather,” making the actual short-term impact difficult to quantify at this time although it will be likely much less than 600 students. 

Will this impact Open Enrollment?

No. Open enrollment procedures would be unchanged and remain an option for families.

How does this impact Cowles, Gateway and Goodrell?

The district’s schools of choice do not have defined attendance areas, and therefore would see no change as a result of the proposal.

How does this impact the International Baccalaureate Schools?

Merrill, along with Meredith and Hoover (which are IB candidate schools), would have new attendance areas under the proposed plan. Goodrell and Gateway (which is an IB candidate school) do not have defined attendance areas and therefore would see no change as a result of the proposed plan.

Will the school district wait another 25 years before making further changes?

No. The Facilities Advisory Committee will determine a schedule to re-evaluate attendance areas on a more frequent basis.