Middle School Intramurals

As part of the district-wide effort to expand activities at middle schools, an intramural program was developed to serve the needs and interests of students, primarily those in 6th grade.

The middle school intramural program is an extension of the regular physical education instructional program, including the development of movement skills, health-related fitness, and personal and social responsibility, conducted before and/or after school among students in the same school.  Intramural programs should provide students with a variety of interesting, diverse, and challenging activities to accommodate differing levels of need, skill, readiness, and interests.  Each school’s program should be individualized to reflect the needs and interests of all its students. 

The primary reason for participation is enjoyment of the learning activities rather than pressure to compete and win, as in interscholastic athletic competition.  Such an environment will enable students to extend learning of the benefits of movement, develop positive attitudes, increase self-esteem, enjoy positive social interactions, and broaden their fitness and leisure horizons.

What are the goals of the Intramural Sports Program?
The middle school intramural program provides opportunities for students to:

  • Enjoy participation and personal success
  • Strive for personal bests, make commitments, set goals, and follow through with responsibilities
  • Participate in an intramural program in a safe environment and under the direction of knowledgeable, caring and trained personnel
  • Develop creativity and provide opportunities to generate games and practice skills
  • Participate in the planning, organization and leadership of the intramural program

Who is eligible to participate in the Intramural Sports Program?
All students must meet the following requirements to be eligible to participate.

  • Primarily for 6th grade students
  • Be enrolled in Des Moines Public Schools
  • Pay the activity fee ($10.00) for the year
  • Meet academic standards at the middle school attending
  • Students who are enrolled in physical education must actively participate in class; otherwise, they should not participate in intramurals on that day.

Equity in Intramurals
All participants regardless of ability, gender, or ethnicity must have equal access to the program, facilities, equipment, leadership roles, and participation time.

  • Students who are enrolled in physical education must actively participate in class to be eligible to participate in intramural activities on that day.  Students who are medically excused are not eligible to participate in intramural activities.