Community Schools

Des Moines Public Schools is a partner in the Coalition for Community Schools because we believe helping students and families meet basic needs at home and in the community will support the district’s effort to prepare students for the next stage of their lives. It’s one more way DMPS is becoming the model for urban education in the United States.

The guiding principles for Community Schools are to create, strengthen, and expand the bridge between the school and the community.

The CS Coordinators work with their school teams to create a comprehensive continuum of internal and external supports to ensure students’ personal and academic success.

These supports fall under the general categories of: basic needs (food, shelter, school supplies, etc.), on-site health services, neighborhood and community engagement, student enrichment programs, behavioral health and social supports. Community School Coordinators aim to accomplish the following program objectives:

  • To foster effective school – community relationships toward improved student outcomes
  • To support 8th to 9th grade transitions with an emphasis on improved student engagement
  • To improve students’ community engagement and social awareness
  • To increase family engagement with schools
  • To expand the Community School Program

Each CS Coordinator is assigned to schools that follow a feeder pattern. This provides continuity of support for students as they transition from middle school to high school. Community School Coordinators work with all sectors of the community to remove barriers and increase student access to programs and opportunities they need to develop successfully for the next stage of their lives.

Find out more at the Coalition for Community Schools.

One coordinator is placed in each of the five comprehensive high school feeder patterns:

Additional coordinators are placed according to need:

Community School Coordinators are funded by United Way of Central Iowa Education Impact Funds and the United Way of Central Iowa ELI- Education Leaders Initiative Funds.