Pre-AP Workshops

Pre-AP workshops are provided by the College Board and are designed for the 6th to 10th  grade teacher.  The workshops are designed to help teachers instill more rigor in the courses they teach in the years prior to AP.  

The cost for the two-day Pre-AP workshops is $300.00 and includes course materials, snacks and lunch daily. For an additional cost both Drake University graduate credit and Heartland AEA continuing education credit are available for participants.  The cost for the one graduate credit is an additional $100.00, and the cost for the one license renewal credit is an additional $25.00.

Pre-AP sessions will be held for a total of two days between July 30 and August 2. The exact dates for each workshop will be announced at a later date (but will be held between July 30 and August 2).

Course offerings are listed below:

  • Pre-AP: Strategies in English – Rhetoric and Composition
  • Pre-AP: Strategies in Mathematics – Probability and Analyzing and Describing Data
  • Pre-AP: Strategies in Mathematics – Helping Students Learn Mathematics Through Problem Solving
  • Pre-AP Strategies in Social Studies – Strategies in History and the Social Sciences and Writing Tactics Using SOAPSTone