We are quickly approaching the end of the 2020-21 school year and it is time to turn our attention to laptop and hot spot collection.

Most DMPS schools will be collecting all laptops and hot spots so they can prepare them for use next school year.  Each school will develop their own collection plan and schedule, so look for details in the coming weeks.  

Please note that failure to turn in your computer or hot spot as requested could result in payment for replacement devices.

If your HOME school requires you to turn in your computer, you will need to turn in the following items:

  • Laptop with power adapter (both the cord and the adapter itself)
  • Hot Spot with power cable and the original box (if you still have it)
  • Laptop Bag

Some other important points:

Virtual Campus Students – If your student is dual-enrolled in another school and Virtual Campus, follow instructions from your HOME SCHOOL.  If your student is 100% enrolled in Virtual Campus, then return the computer to Virtual Campus at Kurtz, unless otherwise instructed.

Home Instruction Students – If your student is dual-enrolled in another school and Home Instruction, follow instructions from your HOME SCHOOL.  If your student is 100% enrolled in Home Instruction, then return the computer to the Home Instruction office unless otherwise instructed.

Summer School Students – If your student is attending summer school and your building determines that your student needs an assigned laptop, your building team will work with you to get a laptop assigned.  Do not keep your laptop if your home school advises you to turn it in!

AP Testing – If you are planning to participate in AP testing after school is out, please talk to your building contact to find out if you should keep your computer or swap it out for a different one for the test.

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