When Amazon called to see if DMPS could use a donation of household items for families, the answer was an enthusiastic, “Yes!” So the district made a wish list and this week Amazon delivered — three pallets full.

Teams from the district picked up the items, sorting laundry soap, household cleaners, baby clothes, light bulbs and other household products onto tables, creating a pop-up shop. Community Schools teams arrived to grab bags and begin collecting for their school pantries which help support DMPS families.

Donations like this mean families can spend hard-earned dollars on other essentials like clothing, shoes and medicine.

“Food and basic need donations to our school food pantries help remove barriers and fight food insecurity for students and families,” said Food and Nutrition Director Amanda Miller. “As our families navigate challenges during the pandemic, these items are essential to build and maintain stability.”

School based pantry spaces allow parents quick access to on-site resources that ensure each student’s basic needs are met.

“School-based food pantries clear the path for schools and families to work together to obtain academic achievement for all DMPS students,” Miller said.

And that moves smiles on the sides of Amazon boxes to many, many faces.

Photos of the Amazon Pop-Up Shop

Amazon Donates Household Items

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