More than 60 DMPS employees – from teachers to support professionals as each school district department (Academics, Business and Finance, Human Resources and Operations) –  were honored at a special reception on Friday afternoon at the Wakonda Club in Des Moines.  Superintendent Dr. Thomas Ahart offered his congratulations, and retirees were presented with a golden apple and a lifetime activities pass to honor their service.

People who dedicate their career to a life in service of students are very special because their impact on the world is immeasurable.

Congratulations and Thank You to the DMPS Retiring ‘Class of 2019’

John Baker
Julie Bates
Kristy Beckwith
Carla Beechum
Patricia Bergeth
Theodore Brightman, Jr.
Dran Burt
Lynn Cannon
Lorna Christensen
Sue Ellen Claiborne
Rebecca Coppess
Christopher Di Iulio
Mary Eckey
Barbara Edwards
Gregory Fay
Lisa Fitzpatrick
Berniece Ford
Kathleen Friest
Bonnie Grant
James Green
Marilyn Hawkins
Bethany Heath
Linda Houghton
Becky Hutchens
Elaine Jacque
Susan Jensen
Patricia Johnson
Michael Jones
Diane Kehm
Y Lay Keo
Lisa Krech
Kirsten Lane
Linda Logan
Christy Maher
Mary McKay
Edward McWilliams
Kathleen Meyer
Rebecca Miller
Debra Moore
Mary Mullarkey
Hugh Neary
Annamarie Nicolai
Pamela Owens
Deborah Peterson
Toun Prasasouk

Photos from 2019 DMPS Retiree Reception
Thank You for Your Service

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