Fifteen DMPS middle school students gathered at Lincoln High School earlier this month to compete remotely in the U.S. Academic Pentathlon National Competition.

Like their high school Academic Decathlon counterparts, middle schoolers from Brody, McCombs and Merrill spent the school year diving into a rigorous crash course in social sciences, literature, fine arts, math, and science.

The theme for this year’s curriculum was The 1960s: A Transformational Decade. Teams from each school battled it out in regional and state competitions until each team was able to send its five top scoring students on to nationals.

The fifteen DMPS students who competed earned a total of thirteen bronze medals, five silver medals and five gold medals, ranking them among the top Academic Pentathlon scholars in the nation.

Congratulations to these students for their incredible dedication and hard work throughout the year!

DMPS student competing in the U.S. Academic Pentathlon were:


  • Heather Leek (8)
  • Owen Comiskey (8)
  • Sydney Parker (7)
  • MinhUyen Vo (7)
  • Max Roach (6)


  • Jorge Astudillo Delgado (8)
  • Jaenelle Bryant (8)
  • David Van Dyke (8)
  • Amalia Arellano (7)
  • Paola Santiago-Martinez (7)


  • Declan Drabek (8)
  • Lauren Foxx-Gruendsteidl (7)
  • Thor Hoogeveen (7)
  • Spencer Masumura (7)
  • Joe Schwiesow (6)
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